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• JUNE 30, 2024 @ 6pm

• TD Main Stage

- OLG Grove

Who I Am

From Performer to Professor

Nifty (affectionately known to his fans as”Nif”) is a dedicated community leader who presents keynote speeches at conferences and churches, a music professor who teaches at Toronto campuses, and a facilitator who leads workshops geared towards inspiring young audiences, and coaching aspiring musicians.

For more than two decades, Nifty has lent his authoritative voice and presence to the Canadian hip-hop scene. Deeply committed to creating positive, head-nodding music that challenges mainstream agendas, Nif combines an on-trend appeal with a credible, classic voice, described by many as reminiscent of that of hip hop legend Jay Z’s. Well-known publication Sphere of Hip Hop has also agreed, giving Nif the nod for his unique ability to channel the essence of such rap icons.

His impact also extends beyond music. As Canada’s first Rap Performance Professor at Centennial College, he pioneers the academic recognition of hip-hop, striking a delicate balance between education and artistry. This innovative approach and commitment to his community make him a standout figure in the music industry.

With his music and outreach, Nifty inspires and uplifts, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with diverse audiences. His work not only entertains but also educates. While he can still rock a hip hop crowd, he can also energize your classroom, and empower your congregation.


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What I Do

Teaching and Inspiring With Music

My years of experience on stage as a Christian hip hop recording artist and keynote speaker have allowed me to share what I’ve learned with my students as a professor at Centennial College, coach aspiring musicians toward giving better performances and walk alongside believers in their faith journey.

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Real Opinions from Real People

Whether I’m teaching, speaking or coaching, my job is always to make things better for the folks I come into contact with. I’m proud to have helped make a difference with each of my clients. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. Read some of the feedback I’ve received on my workshops, training and speeches here.


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